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Child Abuse

The lockdown years of the pandemic saw a sudden surge in the number of child abuse cases.

As alarming as it is, the lockdown months uncovered the risk for children in their own homes.

Of all children who faced any form of abuse in the world, 65% of them are from South Asian countries.

Child Labor, Child Marriage, Sexual Violence, Physical Violence, and other forms of exploitation go undetected most of the time.

The only cases reported were from urban and semi-urban localities.

The reminder of children who suffer in silence still have no avenues to escape their horrific state.

Children as young as 7 are sold in labor markets and girls around 11 years of age are sold into prostitution by their own parents. Girls who enter prostitution at an early age seldom get to celebrate their 16th Birthdays.

The laws in existence further help the exploiters escape punishment due to corruption.

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