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Michael D – Director, Southern Asia Missions. This movement seeks to mobilize the National Churches in South Asia to become ‘Missionary Sending Movements’ to reach the Unreached people of the Region. Our goal is to see every Church become a Missionary Church and every Pastor a Missionary-sending Pastor.

Southern Asia Prayer Consultation.

It’s a great joy to come together for this significant event to mobilize and unify prayer from the nations of South Asia. I want to thank the IPC and ‘Pray for All’ and other Prayer movements who have joined us supporting this effort. I also want thank Leaders from South Asia Nations who are participating and a special thanks to Rev Onassis Jeevaraj for coordinating and hosting this event.

Why gather for Prayer in South Asia?
There are 2 primary reasons why we are gathered for prayer in South Asia.
1.First, we are meeting because of the Unfinished Task.
“If the Great Commission is to be finished, it must be completed in Southern Asia”
This is because it is the ‘Last Frontier’ of the Harvest Field in the World.

There are over 1.8 billion lost people in our Region representing all the major religions, cultures, and ethnicities, which consists of larger numbers than any other Region.

And there are nearly 3600 Unreached People Groups who never had the opportunity of hearing the Gospel – having no believers, churches, Bibles or leaders who can reach them in their own language and culture. The Great Commission of Jesus was to make Disciples of all Nations – the Ethne – the ethnic or People Groups to have a living witness of the Gospel of the Kingdom. The outcome is for the Gospel to influence and transform each Ethnic group in every aspect of life and society.

Most South Asia participants in this event had the privilege of having the Gospel penetrate their own ethnic group producing a national church with a Bible in their language and be a part of organizations that can reach their people. However, there are 3600 People Groups in the 7 nations of South Asia who don’t have that privilege! We must take responsibility to reach them by sending Missionaries to them from our own Churches.

We should not forget that from Apostle Thomas in the first century and from William Carey, many Missionaries have contributed with a huge investment of lives, resources, energy and faith to our Region. Now it is time for us return that Missions Debt by sending Missionaries out to the remaining Unreached People.

Jesus also said in Matthew 24:14 that the Church can only finish His Mission when we reach the last Unreached People Group: “ And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

2. Second, we meet because Jesus prioritized Prayer as the foremost task in accomplishing His Commission.
“Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.” (Matthew 9:37)

There is a huge shortage of laborers in South Asia!
Although there are Hundreds of thousands of Churches and Christian workers and ministers in South Asia, there are still very few who are serving cross-culturally as Missionaries to the Unreached People Groups.

Therefore, our goal is that through this prayer event God will raise a Missionary Prayer Movement which can release thousands of missionaries from South Asia to reach our lost people.
According to the chart below, the minimum number of new Missionaries needed is over 36,000!

Let us unitedly pray to take responsibility to send missionaries to these People Groups because: “Missions is done by the Knees of those who Pray, Hands of those who Give, and Feet of those who Go!”


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