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Movement Day

Our vision is to catalyse the whole Church to take the whole Gospel to all the cities in India, by developing City Gospel Movements.
City Gospel Movement is a new paradigm where the Church Leaders, Ministry Leaders, Social Workers, and Marketplace Christians come together in unison for kingdom work in the Urban agglomerations.

Church is filled with people from all walks of life. The scattered Church can be seen in the spheres of Marketplace and Non-profit fields along with the Church leaders and ministry leaders in the gathered church. This is a resourceful establishment God has created and with this,we find solution to most of the exasperation and the misfortune of the people within the city.

The Gospel of Jesus is always a wholesome one, which will cater the needs and deliverance of both the body and the spirit.

Cities are the new taxonomy of Christian missions. The world we live in, are greatly influenced, and induced by the opulence and profitability found in the cities. United Nation predicts that 70% of the world’s population, will become the urban centres by 2050.

By 2022, India will have more than 400 cities with hundred thousand population and more. People from across the country are already allured into the cities in search of education, livelihood, medical facilities, fellowship, business opportunities and so on.

Cities in India are hosting people from different Stages (of people in age group), in their thousands of Streets. We can see people from various Segments based on their ethnicity, language, and religious groups, who are impacting different Spheres of the city. This gives a tremendous opportunity for the Church to reach the whole city.


Movement Day expression, can range either being a day to3 days gathering, which accelerates gospel movement by catalysing, highly trained and motivated leaders, who are committed to finding solutions to the “stubborn facts,” such as the crimes, poverty, apathy,failed educational systems, unemployment, etc. Motivating diverse leaders who share common goals.

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