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Keynote Speakers


I am currently serving as the Executive Coordinator of International Prayer Connect ( IPC consists of 27 leaders of significant regional and international prayer networks and ministries throughout the world. The Council seeks to provide relational, prophetic leadership and connection for International Prayer Connect, a global network of hundreds of prayer networks and ministries with many thousands of ministry leaders and intercessors.


Rev. D. Mohan is the Senior Pastor and Founder of the New Life Assembly of God, Chennai, India. His life and ministry are touching thousands of lives across the world. His faith in God and relentless prayer were the two most important factors that went a long way in establishing this Church. Rev. D. Mohan, along with a team of pastors and elders, has been continuously discipling the Church to impact the world.


Brian Alarid is CEO of America Prays and World Prays, and the Chairman of Pray For All. He is the author of When People Pray. Brian has 29 years of experience in pastoral ministry, prayer mobilization, and executive leadership. He has a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and a Bachelor’s degree in Theology.


Dean Briggs is an author, teacher, speaker, dreamer and consultant. He travels the world helping people, ministries and businesses realize their highest purpose in God.


Known as Pastor Michael D, Senior Pastor of a largest Pentecostal network of Churches with more than 40 years of experience, Right now Leads the South Asia Missions.


Affectionately known by my friends and acquaintances as Ona. They say that a ready smile & easy cross cultural friendship is one of the strongest natural gift of God in me. My journey in God has been an interesting blend of learning stewardship and applying the kingdom principles through the Marketplace and also through being an ordained minister for 10-12 years each.


Simon Ponniah is one the renowned Mission Leader in the country. He led one of the largest Indigenous missions in India. He has a wealth of knowledge on raising missionaries to the unreached, unengaged people groups in the nation. Discipleship is key in making believers congregation and community getting involved in mission Alliances and networking help disciple every level of believers.


David Raj is the Founder & Principal Consultant for SHEFA Ministries. A versatile and dynamic personality, Mr. David Raj has been freelancing as a consultant for Churches and mission organizations for the past 7 years. He has had 26 years of experience working and engaging with Churches over 50 different denominations.

Brother Werner Nachtigal

Brother Werner Nachtigal

Werner Nachtigal is the Founder and Director of GO Movement, based in Berlin, Germany. He is an evangelist with a calling to mobilize and equip every believer to witness and reach the world together. He is a friend, colleague and valued advisor. We welcome him to Chennai.

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