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Is there any part of the world that is more desperately and urgently in need of prayer than South Asia? Is there any area with such diversity and intensity of human population, human culture, and religious systems? Is there any region where economic and social disparity is so wide and where systemic injustice is so entrenched? Is there any corner of Planet Earth that will require sustained, fervent, united intercession to see spiritual breakthrough more than South Asia? The more I learn about the nations and systems of South Asia – and I am still very much a beginner – the more convinced I am of the need for the increase of strategic intercession. While I am encouraged to hear of some of the things that God is doing, it is clear that there is so very much more that we long to see happen. We know that God longs for these things infinitely more! The liberating, life-giving, shackle-breaking, hope creating, dignity- bestowing, harmony-building good news about what Jesus has already accomplished and is able to accomplish has only scratched the surface of South Asia. But we know that the changes we desire do not happen on their own. For reasons that we cannot fully understand or explain, the Lord has seen fit to partner with humanity in the work of redeeming the whole Earth.

The Father has entrusted to us a crucial role in restoring humanity’s original dignity, made possible through the completed work of Christ and now delegated to Christ’s disciples. Our relationship to our Creator restored, our relationships to one another restored, and our relationship to Creation itself restored. What a beautiful yet sobering responsibility! What a Great Commission! Yet it will not happen without God’s people standing in the gap, forging pathways for salvation through relentless intercession, and demonstrating to one another, to the world, and to the powers and principalities our fundamental unity in Christ as we gather in prayer.

I am delighted to know that the South Asian prayer initiative is happening! Only God knows the possibilities of what can be accomplished when the Body of Christ unites in intercession. There is no better time for such an event to happen. May God’s presence fill this gathering, may God’s people be united for service and empowered for breakthrough, and may God’s purposes be gloriously accomplished through the prayers of His people.

In His service

Jason Mandryk Author and Co-Director Operation World

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