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Dominant Religion

Afghanistan is perhaps best known as the birthplace of the Islamic extremist group, the Taliban. Originally a group of radical Islamic scholars, the founders of the Taliban intended to bring political and economic stability to the nation after nearly two decades of conflict. However, its radical practices brought oppression and the country’s poverty worsened.

NATO troop withdrawals in mid- 2021 saw a rapid collapse and a return of the Taliban to power, prompting this year’s most extreme large-scale evacuation of foreigners and vulnerable national staff. The future of this nation appears grim, particularly for Christian Believers, women and girls, and anyone who had been associated with foreign intervention in the last 20 years.

KEY Prayer Areas
  • Religious Persecution
  • Human Trafficking
  • Women's Rights
  • Taliban Government
  • Extreme Poverty
  • Child Abuse
  • Corruption
  • Terrorism
  • Religious Extremism
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Economic Bankruptcy
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